Cooking Tips

For those recipes who add salt later on, you can add a pinch of salt while making masala for quick cooking.

To remove bitterness of chilli (मिर्च) in your dish, finely cut chilli (मिर्च) and first sauté them for a minute in hot oil before adding anything, while you making masala for your dish.

To make soft Puri, use milk instead of water to make soft dough.

To protect your grains like rice, pulses, etc. from moth; put neem bundle (नीम के पतों की पोटली) in them while storing grains.

To protect leftover half cut Apple or Pears from oxidizing and turning brown, apply mixture of ice water and lemon juice over the cutted site and store it in refrigerate until not consume later.

Peel ginger (अदरक) with spoon for less waste.

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