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Pineapple Ice Stick
Ice Cream, Popsicle

Pineapple Popsicle

Who doesn’t love Popsicles, age does not matter; it’s a child or old age man everyone love Popsicles. Today I am sharing a variant of Popsicle called Pineapple Popsicle. In this recipe you can use tinned pineapple to, but avoid using. There are two reasons to avoid tinned pineapple 1. They contain preservatives and that […]

Ice Cream, Popsicle

Rose Milk Popsicle

On our childhood we used to have Popsicle’s every time, we beg to our parents to treat us with Popsicle; few of them whose taste I still remember those are Rose Milk Popsicle and Orange Milk Popsicle. I used to make Rose milk Popsicle from my childhood. What we do, mix the entire ingredient and […]