Rose Milk Popsicle

On our childhood we used to have Popsicle’s every time, we beg to our parents to treat us with Popsicle; few of them whose taste I still remember those are Rose Milk Popsicle and Orange Milk Popsicle. I used to make Rose milk Popsicle from my childhood. What we do, mix the entire ingredient and freeze it in a glass with spoon. I clearly remember me and my sister mark our glasses and fight for whose glass whom when they goes freeze; childhood is best… 😛 Childhood making style is pretty different from this recipe but taste is just same; then we use rose syrup instead of rose petals. When I grow I start using rose petals.

Try out my childhood recipe, when I don’t know else to make except this Rose Milk Popsicle and Maggie… 🙂 Is with rose milk popsicle you had any childhood memory like me, If you like please share with u.

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Rose Milk Popsicle

Recipe by VipashaCourse: Ice Cream, Popsicle, DessertCuisine: World


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This homemade Rose Milk Popsicle is very easy to make. Can have to beat the summer heat in hot summer day.


  • Boil milk (दूध) and cool it. Add sugar (चीनी), rose essence (गुलाब सार) and rose petals (गुलाब की पंखुड़ियां). Mix well till sugar dissolve completely.
  • Now pour this mixture into Popsicle mold. Once all mold completely filled, cover it with plastic sheet and make small holes in the middle of each mold with the help of knife. Put a stick in middle of each mold through this plastic paper hole.
  • Refrigerate these moulds for over a night or until not freeze completely.
  • When Rose Milk Popsicle’s are completely freeze, remove them and unmould by running them under tab water for few minutes.
  • Enjoy the taste of chilled Rose Milk Popsicle before it melts.


  • If you like, you can add jelly pieces in molds before freezing it.

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