Pomegranate Mint Mocktail

Pomegranate Mint Mocktail

Mocktail are non alcoholic drinks. They also have a rich taste like cocktails, but for us who don’t take alcohol these mocktails are better option. Today I am going to share with you pomegranate mint mocktail drink. Due to mint leaves it gave you cool mouth freshening taste.

Beat the heat and taste with mocktail beverage!!!

Thinking of trying this beverage at one of your get-to-gather??? Please share how was it made and what comment you got???

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Pomegranate Mint Mocktail

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This Pomegranate Mint Mocktail is made from fresh pomegranate and mint juice. Can serve as welcome drink in any home party.


  • Pomegranate (अनार)  –  2

  • Mint (पुदीना) Leaves  –  10-12 leaves

  • Lemon (नींबू)  –  1

  • Water (पानी)  –  2 cups

  • Honey (शहद)  –  1 tsp.

  • Salt (नमक) as per taste.


  • Remove all pomegranate (अनार) seeds. Squeeze the lemon (नींबू) to take it juice. Keep aside.
  • In a blender jar add pomegranate (अनार) seeds, mint (पुदीना) leaves, lemon (नींबू) juice, sugar, water and salt as per taste. Blend them all together.
  • Filter the juice through a sieve (छलनी).
  • Take 2 cocktail glasses and add half of them with cube. After that add pomegranate (अनार) filter juice on it with ½ tsp. honey and salt as per taste on both glasses. Stair once.
  • Garnish with few pomegranate (अनार) seeds and a mint (पुदीना) leave. Serve chilled.
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