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Radish Carrot Onion Salad
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Radish, Carrot & Onion Salad

Radish, Carrot & Onion toast with Coriander and lemon juice is a great and easy to make salad, that goes well with every main course. This salad is also good for diabetics. I made it on regular interval during radish and carrot session. Goes well will every kind of meal. You can have it with […]

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Ram Ladoo

Ram Ladoo is a famous street food of North India eaten with radish (मूली) salad and Green radish (मूली) leaves chutney. The name ladoo associated with it, not means its sweet like other Indian sweets; they are tangy and savoury Indian donut chaat made from yellow lentils (मूंग दाल), split chickpeas lentils (चना दाल) & […]

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How to Make Croutons?

Whenever you take soup in a restaurant and they add croutons in your soup, you love that little crunch in your soup and you think how they make this, I want to make it at home but how? Here is the answer, making croutons at home is very easy and not require too much ingredients. […]

Bean Salad
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Beans Salad

Today’s recipe is beans salad, a healthy and full of nutrition; you can make this nutrition food salad anytime to stop your little hunger or as a side dish with main course. I love to have salads as a light dinner 2-3 times a month when I have heavy lunch or no mood to eat […]

Hara Bhara Salad
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Hara Bhara Salad

Today I made this hara bhara salad form lettuce and cucumber. Yesterday, my uncle gave me this lettuce… He brought it from one of his friend’s farm. I just remove the stem of lettuce, wash, cut and made this salad; named it “Hara Bhara Salad”. Below is the recipe of this salad. Try out making […]

Cucumber Fruit Salad
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Cucumber Fruit Salad

Last week I made this salad for me and my mom before lunch. It’s so yummy and tasty… 😛 Whenever I go to kitchen, I always think to make something different and this cucumber fruit salad is also part of this thinking. I peel and remove the seeds of pomegranate (अनार) to eat it as […]