Eggless Candy Stuffed Cake

Have you ever seen a cake stuffed with Gems or any other candy? Thinking how it was made!!! Also thinking of making it but did not get the idea. Then here it is-easy, everyone can make it at home. Try out and surprise your loved ones.

So, have you tried and made eggless candy stuffed cake by following this recipe? Please share your experience here in comment box with us. Thanks in advance.

Yields 1

Serves 8


Eggless Candy Stuffed Cake

30 minPrep Time

30 minTotal Time

Eggless Candy Stuffed Cake Eggless Candy Stuffed Cake
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  • Sponge cake (Any flavour or color)  -  4 flatten 1.5 inch thick, round pieces
  • Whipped cream  -  For layer and decoration
  • Sugar coated colorful chocolate candies  -  2 cups
  • Colorful candy sprinkles  -  1 cup
  • Cake cutter round


  1. Take two pieces of sponge cake, hollow them with the help of round cutter.
  2. Over a cake stand place 1 uncut piece of sponge cake, spread whipped cream over it and layer 1 hollow sponge cake piece. Again spread some whipped cream over it and place another hollow piece over it.
  3. Now fill it with sugar coated colorful chocolate candies and Colorful candy sprinkles; gently press candies. Spread some more whipped cream over it, but take care only cover cake layer with whipped cream not the candies on hollow part.
  4. Finally place leftover uncut cake piece and decorate your cake with whipped cream and sugar coated candies – as you desire.
  5. Now your cake is ready for party blast. Your kids must love it.


• If you want add jelly teddy or any kind of small size sugar coated candies.

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