Rainbow Jelly Pudding

When I first see pic of this Rainbow Jelly Pudding, only one question came on my mind how it made, at that time I don’t know that its color came from colorful jelly’s layers. I just go crazy to found how it’s made… 🙂 Then I see its name and search over net about its recipe and I found many recipes. I mix and match the recipes and try out to make it and it become same as I am thinking.

Very easy to make, try out and share your experience with us here in comment box.

Yields 1

Serves 10


Rainbow Jelly Pudding

15 minPrep Time

4 hrCook Time

4 hr, 15 Total Time

Rainbow Jelly Pudding Rainbow Jelly Pudding
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  • Jelly crystal mix  -  6 flavours (color)
  • Gelatine  -  30 grams
  • Condensed milk  -  1 tin
  • Water as much needed.
  • Oil for greasing moulds.


  1. Take 1st flavour (color) of jelly crystals and mix it with boiled hot water, pour this into oil greased tin; refrigerate till not set. Now take 2nd flavour (color) of jelly crystals and mix it with boil hot water, pour this into already set jelly and refrigerate till not set. Repeat this for next 4-5 jelly flavours (color).
  2. Now in a sauce pan take gelatine and 1.5 cup of water; keep aside for 5 minutes. After that heat this mixture till gelatine not melted completely. Keep aside.
  3. In a bowl pour full tin of condensed milk, at the end put 1 cup of water in tin and mix well; pour this also in bowl with melted gelatine. Mix well this pudding mixture.
  4. Pour this pudding mixture over the 5th layer of set jelly crystal and refrigerate till not set.
  5. Now take last jelly flavour (color), make liquid of it like other and pour it over 6th pudding layer; refrigerate till not set.
  6. Unmold by putting tin over hot water and place plate over tin and flip it. Cut into diamond shape or as you desire and serve.


• If all your layers height is near about 1 cm, then it gives you nice texture to your rainbow design.

Image courtesy of Rainbow-Jello-Cut-2004-Jul-30 via Wikimedia Commons


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