Vanilla Ice Cubes

These tiny vanilla ice cubes are really good to beat the heat, I love to have them at afternoon while come from outside. These cubes are inspiration from my childhood frozen milk, in my childhood I used to freeze my milk for overnight with spoon in it and have it in next morning. Now I think why don’t mix vanilla essence in chilled milk and freeze them in ice cube tray; as now having full glass of frozen milk I don’t like it. Also I love to add them into my drinks instead of simple ice cubes to add vanilla flavour and little creaminess.

Go and tryout this quick summer ice cream hack to beat the heat; you definitely love it. Don’t forget to share your experience with us in comment section below.

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Vanilla Ice Cubes

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These tiny vanilla ice cubes are really good to beat the heat and full of taste.



  • In a mixing bowl stair full cream milk (पूरी मलाई वाला दूध), vanilla essence and sugar (चीनी) until sugar (चीनी) completely dissolved.
  • Now pour this mixture into ice tube tray, cover with cling sheet and put it in freezer.
  • If you like to add ice cream sticks or toothpicks; you can add them after 45 minutes freezing. (with cling sheet it is easy to add toothpicks directly, but for adding ice cream sticks you need to whole in the centre with the help of pointed knife).
  • After adding sticks again place your ice cube trays into freezer to completely frozen; usually it take 6-8 hours. I always left my tray over night in a freezer, so when i wake up in next morning they are ready to eat.
  • Enjoy your frozen vanilla ice cubes to beat the heat.

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