Samosa is a very good snack for little hunger here in India; very easily available and also you can make it at home also. It is also very popular snack sold at road side vendors and also a part of tea parties. It is served with green hot & sour chutney or red sweet & sour chutney; some time people love to have it with chole (chicken peas with gravy). I like my samosa with green hot & sour chutney!!! How you want?

Why don’t you try making samosa at home? Please share your experience of making samosa with my recipe here below in comment box.

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Yields 15

Serves 15



20 minPrep Time

30 minCook Time

50 minTotal Time

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  1. Wash, boil, peel and mash potatoes (आलू). Keep aside.
  2. Roughly crush fennel (सौंफ़) seeds & fenugreek (मेथी) seeds with mortar & pestle. Keep aside.
  3. Finely chop green chillies (हरी मिर्च) & fresh curry leaves (ताजा करी पत्ते). Keep aside.
  4. While potatoes (आलू) are boiling make samosa dough; in dough making bowl adds all purpose flour (मैदा), 2 tbsp. Oil and pinch of salt. Rub the oil with the flour till it resembles bread crumbs.
  5. Now add ½ cup of water and start kneading the dough, if require add more dough. Make this dough like roti dough; not too much soft not too much hard; it should be firm and smooth.
  6. Cover the dough with a damp cloth and set aside for some time until filling is not ready.
  7. Now in pan heat 2 tbsp. oil and simmer the heat; add roughly crushed fennel (सौंफ़) seeds & fenugreek (मेथी) seeds. Sauté a while.
  8. Add ginger - garlic (अदरक - लहसुन) paste and sauté till row aroma of garlic (लहसुन) goes away.
  9. Add chopped green chillies (हरी मिर्च). Mix well.
  10. Add red chilli (लाल मिर्च) powder, coriander (धनिया) powder, turmeric (हल्दी) powder, raw mango powder (आमचूर) & garam masala powder. Mix well.
  11. Finely add mashed potatoes (आलू) and salt to taste. Mix well and cook for 1 minute; keep staring in-between.
  12. Add chopped fresh curry leaves (ताजा करी पत्ते) at the end and mix well.
  13. Turn off the gas and let it cool so you can easily handle it.
  14. Now it’s a time to make samosa wrapping; take dough knead once more and make equal size small ball from this dough – usually from 2 cup all purpose flour (मैदा) dough makes 7-8 ball.
  15. With the help of rolling pin & board make flat rounds (just like puri).
  16. With the help of knife half cut each flat round.
  17. Pick up one half and brush it with a little water along the straight edge of the wrap. 
  18. Take one edge of the straight side, and place it on the other edge of the straight side to make a cone shape. Little press the corner of the cone to seal it.
  19. In this cone now add the stuffing; I usually add 1 ½ tbsp and it fill my ¾th space in a cone. Not go up to this.
  20. Now brush the inner side of unfilled wrapper area with water and seal it by pressing the edges together.
  21. Place this samosa in graced tray and make sure they do not touch each other; also cover with damp cloth.
  22. Repeat steps 17 to 21 for all wraps.
  23. Once all row samosa’s ready deep fry them in hot oil.
  24. Serve hot with chutney & tea/coffee in the evening or in any small get to gather.


• If you like, while making dough you can add celery (अजवाइन) seeds. I don’t like celery (अजवाइन) seeds in my samosa so I did not write in my recipe above.



331 cal


31 g


15 g


3 g
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