Spring Roll Wrappers

Spring Roll Wrappers

Today, I tried Spring Roll Wrappers just first time, they look so good. Vegan spring roll wrappers are easily found in market but if you can make them at home what would be better than this. Lots of benefits of making wrappers at home first of all you made them so they are hygiene, fresh. So, I tried to make them by my own very first time.

Here is spring roll wrappers recipe. Try out making spring roll wrappers with this recipe and next week I am going to share my favourite veg spring rolls recipe. Please share your experience here in comment box below; I love to hear from my readers.

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Spring Roll Wrappers

Recipe by VipashaCourse: Fast Food, Roti / Paratha, Side Dish, Snacks, Starter, Veg FoodCuisine: Chinese, American, Other world cuisine


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These Spring Roll Wrappers are homemade wrappers for making any kind of stuffed rolls.



  • In a mixing bowl add all purpose flour (मैदा), corn starch, semolina (सूजी), salt (नमक) a pinch. Mix well.
  • Now add water and mix well. Make sure there is no lump and batter must be in following consistency.
  • Heat non stick pan (you can use other pan too but for that you have to use more oil than non stick pan).
  • Brush oil and pour 2 serving spoon of batter in the pan. Spread evenly, to do this spread the ladle clockwise direction moving out from center to make thin pancake. (If you know how to make dosa then it is easy for you.)
  • Now lower the flame and cook the pancake until become translucent and sites curling up.
  • Repeat step 4 and 5 for whole batter. Your batter will make 18-20 wraps.


  • While making wrappers if batter become thick then adds little water to maintain the same batter following consistency to the last wrapper making.
  • Make sure your wrappers are thin, if they are thick then your spring roll not become good and may break while rolling and sealing.
  • Make sure ever time before putting batter in pan you brush it with oil, otherwise your pancake will stick to the pan.

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