Dal Makhni

Dal Makhni

Dal Makhni is one of the best Punjabi dishes; I love its creamy texture and richness of flavour. Whenever we go out or want to get food from out, we prefer to order dal makhni as one of our dish.

Making dal makhni like restaurant is not so easy; I look many cookbook’s and recipe website to found how to make restaurant style dal makhni. I found that it’s an art of slow cooking and whole spices mix with fresh cream. Without whole spices you can’t gave them perfect flavour and the creaminess of dal makhni come from whole fat fresh cream.

Try out this recipe and make restaurant style dal makhni at your home. Please share your dal makhni making experience with our readers too. I love to hear words from you.

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Dal Makhni

Recipe by VipashaCourse: Dinner, Lunch, MainCuisine: Indian


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This traditional Punjab special Dal Makhni is made up by slow cooking Whole Black Beans with Indian spices. Can have with rice or roti.



  • Soak whole black beans (साबुत उड़द) & red kidney beans (लाल राजमा) overnight in worm water.
  • Rinse soaked whole black beans (साबुत उड़द) & red kidney beans (लाल राजमा) a couple of times in water.
  • Drain and add in pressure cooker, add 3 cups of water. Cover with lid and cook for 18 to 20 whistles on a high flame. Check when pressure separates from cooker check those whole black beans (साबुत उड़द) & red kidney beans (लाल राजमा) cooked thoroughly and softened. If require cook further in pressure cooker with lid until not cooked thoroughly and softened, if requires add more ½ cup of water. Keep aside.
  • In a blender or mixer jar put 2 large roughly chopped tomatoes and make a smooth puree. Keep aside.
  • Make garlic (अदरक) & ginger (लहसुन) paste. Keep aside.
  • Heat butter in a pan; add cumin (जीरा) seeds, cloves (लौंग), green cardamoms (हरी इलायची), black cardamom (बड़ी इलायची), cinnamon (दालचीनी) and bay leaf (तेज पत्ता). Sauté until they start changing color.
  • Now add finely chopped onions; sauté for golden brown in medium heat. Add garlic (अदरक) & ginger (लहसुन) paste and sauté till the raw aroma of ginger-garlic goes away. Add chopped green chillies and further sauté for a minute.
  • After that add tomato puree, mix well. Add red chili powder and 2 to 3 pinches of nutmeg (जायफल) powder, mix well and sauté in medium heat until masala reducing from sides.
  • Now add cooked whole black beans (साबुत उड़द) & red kidney beans (लाल राजमा) along with its stock. If required add 1 cup of water.
  • Mix well and cook uncovered on simmer heat. Keep stirring often, so that the lentils don’t stick to the bottom of the pan.
  • When dal makhni start thicker add salt as per taste, mix well. Continue cooking at simmer, require then add more water if the gravy looks thick or dry. Now cook it for 25-30 minutes more. (The longer you keep dal makhni to simmer, the better it tastes).
  • When gravy has thickened enough; not too thick or too thin, in medium consistency; add fresh cream. Mix well and remove from the heat.
  • Now add crushed dry fenugreek (कसूरी मेथी) leaves, mix well. Cover and keep aside.
  • Heat a small piece of charcoal on flame till it becomes red hot. With the help of tong, put red hot charcoal in a small bowl. Pour oil on the charcoal. Immediately keep this bowl on top of the dal makhni and cover for 2-3 minutes.
  • Garnished with chopped coriander leaves and a few teaspoons of cream. And serve with naan, chapattis or rice.
Image courtesy of Charles Haynes via flickr.com

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